From masonry work to room decoration, we offer a service of high standard and premium finish in any property that requires an uplift. Create modern, traditional or bespoke décor at a price to satisfy all budgets. We cover all of the following jobs and more:

  • Preparing surfaces to be painted (including scraping, removal of wallpaper etc.)
  • Painting wood, masonry, wallboard, plaster, concrete, stucco and metal
  • Selecting/applying finishes to surfaces
  • Applying neutralizing agents, putty, varnish and lacquer
  • Blending/mixing paint products
  • Stipple texturing walls and ceilings
  • Taping and finishing walls and joints on gyproc and wallboard
  • Wallpapering walls and ceilings

Some of the common issues our customers find are listed below. If they apply to you or you require further advice on all matters of property improvement, one of our All Trades professionals will be happy to help.

Are your painted walls not the colour you expected?

The components of paint reflect light differently from when they are wet in the pot to when they are dry on the wall. These subtle differences are quite common and not usually a reflection on the quality of the paint product. To make you you are happy with the colour of paint on your wall, ask for a sampler, and when the paint is dry see how it looks before continuing.

Are you finding a yellow tinge on your radiators?

Painting a radiator is very different from a wall beacuse of its varying temperatures. When the radiator is hot, if the paint gets too soft it may collect dirt, dust and tobacco smoke from the air. Similarly the heat of the radiator can also cause yellowing if the previous paint used is solvent-based.

When painting on the bare metal of the radiator, if rusting should occur this may also be a cause.

All Trades professionals avoid such effects by using only premium quality pure acrylic matt or satin paint, specifically designed for use on radiators.

Are your paint surfaces wrinkly or cracked?

If previous paint has been applied too thickly, over a contaminated surface, or in an environment of extreme temperatures, then it may be subject to a unsightly wrinkled effect. To solve this and have your walls looking top quality again, an All Trades Professional can scrape or sand substrate your walls to remove the wrinkled coating, prepare the walls, and repaint them using a premium quality interior paint to match the colour of your choice.

Is your wallpaper peeling at the edges?

Wallpaper can be an attractive way to add to your interior design or cover a damaged wall.

Over time, the adhesive on the back of wallpaper can weaken, causing it to bubble and eventually peel. This immediately draws the wrong type of attention to your wallpaper and makes your room instantly look shabby and a little run down. Often it is difficult to replace parts of the wallpaper, as firstly a match needs to be found, and secondly the current wallpaper is likely to have faded, if only slightly, from the effects of the sun.

The best is to spring for a full re-paper, which an All Trades professional will be happy to give you a free quotation for.

Not sure whether to fit coving?

Coving is a great way to transform a home or workplace and add value to a room. Well presented, it improves the standard of a room and gives a sense of style. It also softens the sharp edges of a ceiling, making the join between the wall and ceiling smoother. It is also a relatively unmessy form of home improvement that an All Trades professional can provide fuss-free, fast and efficiently.

Do we use quality paint?

For painting we use the best products. Inside the home, using top quality paint ensures resistance to stains, better coverage, a smoother and more even finish and a more durable effect. For the more hard-wearing exterior of a property, high quality paint ensures a better coverage, a higher resistance to the elements, a deterrent to dirt, and a colour that lasts longer.

Contact us for further information on how we can tailor our painting and decorating services to meet your individual needs. 






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